Heavy Reign

Heavy Reign: I’ve got to make it, I’ve got to make it I’m steady patient, I’m motivated My heart is pounding, my thoughts astounding, my soul is crowning Clouded thoughts-multiplying, Its condensated, immersed, and ever gaining The climates ranging, and now I’m aching, and now I’m waning I’m preying on-the rain of changing Precipitating down my mind to the sweat down my spine The vivid dreams flourish past my mind's eye Right where I want to be, closer to where I should be Heart's pumping the passion that runs through me Giving life to what is meant to breathe Thankful for all that God has bestowed upon the The patient soul in me knows the guide I’m supposed to read It states all has been stated, to follow and be sated Chase the pace, the crown is the entire race
Heavy Reign

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