Rebellious youths. Sparking jays in remembrance of high school days. 
Back then when we'd blaze in the morning also during breaks 
and get an education, lifted off the haze while day dreaming about 
being with that girl. As beautiful as a black pearl. Out of this world. 
Not so long ago we were perceived as being the slackers. 
Potheads living the high life as a way of getting by but that was just 
the perception. Through recollection memories of the times we had 
surface as if that was just yesterday.

Let's synchronize and link up like bluetooth. I see the truth when I 
look into your eyes so much so that time flies. Through high and 
low. Purple skies and misty mornings being with you give me warmth
inside for you are like the sun. Radiating light. Lets take flight and 
jet off to space a place where we'd become one through conversation. 
Smoke in the background. Weed so loud the clouds look like sound 
waves. Treble and bass

- Tumelo Hailu Mokhosi


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