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Lover Cover

On a sunny Sunday I was inspired to write ten song lyrics, this was one of them.
I stand here wait – ing Read me back To my – self I want to hear you say Lov - er Cov - er Riv - er Wild - er Then take me home Hold my limbs above sheets Let the sun rise...


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Zootopia Europea Utopia Dystopia Hey Hey Hey Hey Che Che Che Che Lady light up my life Don’t step me down You gotta understand How we get around It aint a floor show It aint some limo ride We just gotta relax baby maybe Just let come inside ha ha ha hide Baby light...


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We. You and I.

She falls in love with a boy at a club and she wants to leave with him on a plane because they aren't allowed to be together, though the song does not tell you...

We all walk,

Until we have no choice,

But to stop.

And we all,


That everything in this world,

Could  be mine.

We can run,

As far as the border,

Of this...


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Every Day

This song is about a girl who can't get any help, she feels like every day's the same and she can't take it any more, so she kills herself and is now buried.   Mike B.'s...

Every day,

She tries to tell herself things are alright.

But it just makes things worse.

Throughout her day,

Throughout her life.

Oh, oh. Oh, oh.

She can,

Admit but,

She can't,



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As Long As I See You Before I Die

They don't know each other like they're family but they know what each one does. They do love each other though, at least, the girl--the singer-- does the boy. The girl would do anything...

Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh.

I don't know you,

And you don't know me.

But I know what you do,

And how it sounds

When you do.

'Cause I can,

Fly through the...


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Torn Apart

It's about me and my girlfriend breaking up and I don't know I just wanted to write it because I was sad.
I don’t need another pretty face I don’t know what else to say Other than you are so beautiful, so, I still want you, And I still mean it. You’ll never know what it means to me You say you’re...


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Two Wings

Love Song
Two Wings   INSTRUMENTAL I can’t keep my eyes open, l think that you were mad at me again. When you like this, l am pierced through by your sight. I wish you were here and just hold me...


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whine for me prod. by seshow

I wrote it out of inspiration and for the love i have for African ladies.....
intro- okay cozyflowz on this one again nobody badder than le le le le le le le le eh ye yeh verse 1- Girl you fine, the way you dance dey touch my heart, make my body dey sheave,...


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love song

Oh no, I do not have a stomach ache Please be my dear love It's like no salvation You look at me in front of me Get rid of the oppressive government My dear boy is coming soon I became...


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