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I Almost Killed

Experience inspired this and taught me that whatever we go through as human beings can either make us or break us but its finding ourselves and being able to declutter our brain and souls...
M I almost Killed. Migrating to Africa from Zimbabwe proved to be harder than I had anticipated. The SA government was not giving work permits at all and we watched as our visas and...


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This is a cute little story about a special Christmas gift for one special young girl. 

The snow colored kitten climbed into the front of the sleigh. Santa patted the little fellow, Roscoe, on the top of his head. The snow bit and nipped at the big man’s nose. ‘’Won’t...


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Dirty Fingernails

     On a night of the darkest skies, after a fearful day at the hands of the girl's father, Maria woke her daughter up after midnight, clambered her to the edge of our...


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Dirty Fingers

        The family was quite content in their existence. The girls were dressed, always, in matching outfits. They had pinafores and petticoats, with white patent leather shoes of just the slightest...


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20 Traffic Driving Sites To Promote After Publishing New ArticleBlog Posts

The quality of content is not sufficient, you need to take efforts to make your post content search engine friendly. I know, you have written your post, the goes through the checklist of 15...


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A succint flashback to my teenage years. I had failed an exam in school. I was at church when a successful classmate was announced for thanksgiving for exam success in church. She felt closer...

The rain clouds massed after scudding in slow motion, and the recurrent flash of lightening gave a false alarm of a thunder that...


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Inspired by my daily experiences and those of people around me



Linda was outrightly dejected.

She had gotten to the notice board only to see that the aggregate score attached to her matriculation number was just a little over her biological age. And she had...


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A Party In The Park

~~   A PARTY IN THE PARK Outside the Hotel Santa Clara it's getting dark, and the night people are beginning to emerge from the shadows near the bandstand in the square. The dusk is...


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Glittering lights in that house…(Story of a silent humanist)

The silent humanist helping students to study without any care for name or fame was most inspiring. we drift apart after our studies.. not everybody gets a chance to thank and show their gratitude to...

Suddenly heavens opened up that evening. The Professor was totally unprepared. Rains were torrential and his consulting hours had just ended. He had just got ready to go home and the rains started to...


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The Maw

I found myself alone, which is something I must never do. The view from here is enough to drive someone mad, or so I’m told. They keep me from looking, shepherding my eyes away...


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