How could you say you cannot stand it anymore?

Can’t you see they just wanna pull us apart?

They love to see us hurting each other and like before

From our wounds we pulled out but their poisonous darts

Please try to know I understand the way you feel.

You’ve born so much; you’ve really got a nerve of steel

But now that you know it was all done in ignorance

Condone it all never let them get the upper hand



Standing your ground your ground should be your prime desire

Rumors may reign but then they do expire

You know who you are; your conscience is so clean and clear

So don’t shed no tears on that lousy teddy bear


Now that we see you wanna build a world of your own

Hating yourself and even telling me to leave you alone

I’m still by your side even if you cut me dead

For you need my hand; you don’t need no teddy bear



Could you recall those days in the jungle when we stumbled

In the dark ‘cause we had cobwebs in our eyes

Emerald eyed monsters did sneak up behind us. How they grumbled!

And by dawn we scarcely could hold our pride

I set let’s go, you opted but to stay

Though you did feel like you were on the Milky Way

Don’t nurse those nightmares nor the fact that you are blind

Just close you eyes and take a look through your mind




 Written by Divine T Sangbong  in 1996




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