you asked me

We pay but when we ask you,

It’s always too little

We eat in clay and stone with bare hands

Because all we have is given.

While you eat on a silver plate and fork

Because you have collected it from us.


Our mothers dies in the hospital with labor

Because there are no doctors

While your wife deliver abroad

Where there are supernatural doctors

We die of malaria because the hospital is without medicine


Road accident everywhere as potholes,

Broken road sign are attributes of our road

Moreover, you fly over us with plane

Our grass thatched house leaks

Because we cannot afford iron sheets

While you lived in comfortable flats and estate buildings.


We cannot afford better education

While your children study abroad

We survive in “alot boo” daily, while you eat good diet

Our children carry bulge stomach because we cannot afford good diet           

all because you asked us to pay

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