1    So many times that I’ve said maybe
So many times that I’ve said ‘no’
So many moments I’ve turned my back on you my Lord
But now I give myself to you
2    So many times that I’ve kept for tomorrow
Things that I should have done today
 So many years I've wasted resisting you Lord
But now I give myself to you

Yes to you! I wanna  follow you
Yes to you! Don't go away
Yes to you! I give my heart to you
Yes to you! Yes to day    
(Repeat verse 2)
All my life I've lived in leisure
Deep in lust and earthly pleasure
Lord I never found true peace within
With my heart in deep contrition
Lord I plead for your salvation
And the power to live above all sin (All sin)


Chorus     (X5)

(Repeat verse 1)

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