Words Hurt

They keep telling me to change, My ideas and thoughts. What will the family say? When they see that I’m not. Not the perfect princess, That they want me to be. I’m not skinny or flawless, That will never be me. Parents should be there for you, Not put you straight down. It’s always so painful, When my heart hits the ground. You must be thin and pretty, You should look like a twig. How will you find a man? If you look like a pig. They’re always so disappointed, That I don’t have the looks or the curls. That I’m not a copy, Of all the magazine girls. “I tell you because I care, And I love you a lot.” If you cared you wouldn’t hurt me, Saying the things that I’m not. I’m not a size 0, I have my flaws. You don’t have to repeat them, Everything with your claws. I’ve learned to despise you both, Which I know I shouldn’t. We should respect our parents, But god knows I couldn’t. How can you respect people? When they just bully you around. That call you names, And always make you frown. I have depression mom, I’m always feeling sad. “What would you be sad about, Make people see you’re glad.” One day I had enough, Wanted to end it all. But right before I did, I got that one call. He saved me that day, From doing something stupid. From making a big mistake, Before my life was ruined. And to this day, It’s the same issue Calling me names, And it will continue. They will never stop, And they’ll continue to shove me in the dirt. They don’t know about that day, And how much it truly hurt. I have great friends now, And a great boyfriend too. I will never feel ugly and unwanted, Or go back to what I went through. I no longer feel alone, I know my place in life. To help people going through this, And never go for the knife. You are not alone, We all go through pain. The hard time in life, Where we have nothing to gain. I’ve learned everyone has flaws, And beauty we shouldn’t contain. I’ve learned to love myself, And to never fall again.
Words Hurt

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