Verse 1

I’m fed up  girl by dingo! Guess I got enough

I reckon you don’t merit my attentions and my love

Then you told him off with me I’m old

Let me tell you for I want you to know


Without you, I guess I’ll still survive

I’m gonna put things back together and lead a brand new life

Without you, I’ll pave another way

For by walking out on me girl, you’d rather made my day


Verse 2

I gave you all you dreamt of. You did flourish and did bloom

Oh the emerald, peals, rubies and  the diamonds, I got them just for you

But when you read and tore my billet duo

Got the message; now I know we are through


Without you, I’m free as free could be

To take a lonesome trip down south; for sand and sun and sea!

Witout you, I’m still what I am

The comic, caring , cool  guy

So I don’t just give a damn




I wish I were an ant that leads

A simple life and calls  it quits

Than feeling lovelorn; getting betrayed

I’d rather be stoical and dream away

For wind for da pocket, I gotta fa much

Planta goody ladies to take out fa lunch

So as a matter of fact that was no big deal

You really shook me up a little but I’m made of still

(I mean ) I’ve loved so many ladies; done so many deeds

But through the loving and doings none touched me like you did

But though you knocked my pride so they should see I’m green

They won’t see nothin…. for I’ve got me no spleen




Without you, I guess I’ll still survive    etc.




Written by Divine T Sangbong 1994   onkldi@gmail.com













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