who am i


I work hard each day,

Yet my boss gives me no pay.

I can’t quiet, for it is like an alarm in my head that notifies me when duty calls.

My job is dangerous yet fun at the same time.

I am not allowed to work on my own.

In my world we don’t deal with subsistence living,

We work hard to feed ourselves and a great multitude.


“United we stand divided we fall”.

At work we move collectively,

 But on my way home I am left to face these giants on the street.

So without hesitation I ran home.

……. Unfortunately for some of my friends they did not live to tell their tale.

Sometimes I want to scream but when I do it is lower than even a whisper.


So one day I lie dead on a paper and allow my killer to be my speaker.

Who am I? I am your motivator through my daily living,

Yet I am your prey that you slay every day.

Who am I? I am the world’s busiest ANT.


written by: Garnett Small



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