When I wake up

my heart breaks every morning when I wake up

when I realise you are no longer here

my heart breaks every day when I think about you

every day and every night I can't stop thinking of you

and my heart breaks when I go to bed knowing that another day's gone by

without you in my life


I won’t stop loving you and will never love another

my life seems worthless now knowing that you don't care

that I mean nothing to you , ignoring me hurts like hell

and the thought of you moving on to someone else

justs kills me a little more each day


I won't see you smile for me again

I won't see you laugh with me again

I don't see your deep blue eyes staring into mine again

I won’t see your daughter grow

I won’t see you being proud

or worrying

I won't see you cry

I won’t be there to hold you

I won’t be the support

I won’t be be the rock

I won’t be anything to you


you have moved on and left me broken

like my heart , into a thousand pieces

we can't ever be friends

friends don't treat each other like you treat me

they say time heals all wounds

there just isnt enough time left to heal me


maybe we will meet in another life and it will be different

we are soulmates that couldn't get it right this time

next time we might , it's all I have left to hope for now

I now long for the morning i don't wake up


goodbye my love

goodbye my sweet

one day you will realise you let the best thing you had go

it was in your grasp and you never noticed

it was everything you wished for

and you were blind to your own needs

and then I wake up and I do it all again 

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