When I Look At You

Someone who passed away before her time


When I look at you

I see a miraculous sight

I see a vision of beauty

A thing of delight


I see a lady of stature

With both grace and appeal

I see a woman so lovely

It’s hard to imagine she’s real


I see a mother that loves

With an endless emotion

I see a time when this love

Will be repaid with devotion


I see a tower of strength

Built from years on her own

I see a deep hidden fear

Of forever being alone


I see a chance to be happy

Perhaps for the rest of my life

I see a chance to be with you

As husband and wife


I see a picture of us

On a cold frosty morning

I see us walking through fields

As the sun starts it’s warming


I see a whisper of love

Touched with a burning desire

I see this man with this woman

Whom I truly admire.

With all My Love forever


TDS 9/21/2001

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