What Nobody Knows

  • Posted by: Haley Mead
  • Created: November 3, 2020
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Nobody sees it This curse that I call mine Nobody knows it For me no light does shine Its not as if I'm faking it I simply cannot tell I don't want to think this way My mind is a product of hell Nobody feels it The dread creeping up on me Nobody knows it I'm being stalked so carefully It stays in the shadows of my mind Watching ever so quietly To attack when my guard is down It just won't leave me be Nobody questions it The smile that I fake Nobody knows it My mind they will forsake Honestly I abandoned them Made them play this awful game Didn't give them a chance to win Forced them to face the flame And they did so willingly My hero they are now I will not play this game again That is my solemn vow - Ghost November 10, 2018

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