What New Realms Await

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  • Created: November 10, 2016
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We live in a universe of subatomic particles, the building blocks of everything else. All we can see and touch is made up of the stuff. Even in the seemingly empty void of space science tells us virtual particles pop in and out of existence.
Reductionists will tell us all we need do is understand these subatomic particles and we'll understand everything.
But I wonder if there's more out there than meets the eye.
Mathematics for example, the language of the universe. Was mathematics invented or discovered? Was it always out there just waiting for a brain of sufficient size and complexity to tap into its realm. This seems to be the case. Would E=MC2 be true here and one billion light years from here? I think so. The question is then, what other realms might there be awaiting discovery when a brain of sufficient size and complexity comes to be? We'll need to grow one or make one to find out. What interesting times await.

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  1. I like the Einstein knowledge of this poem our evolution to evolve how our brain works this flows with balance and ingenuity
    Check out my poems and music tell me what you think

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