We will make love we will make Babies

If the clouds could gather all of her lovely strength this moment

And shame the distant Rivers that deprive us a pool of water

If the chilly air could softly dance across the roofs and panes

And time would stop boasting of his speed when he walks

If nature could open her doors of splendor and beauty tonight

And every young man rejoices in the wife of his youth

We’ll rekindle passion, we’ll restore inspiration

We’ll rebuild ecstasy so true beyond the wildest dreams of Mortals

Touch me my spouse with the wonderful hands of your love

Let me come into you, for in you is a corridor to pleasure

Sweet paradise, allow me into the treasures of your bodies

Take me in, and let me walk like a king invited by his queen.

If the sky would annoyingly be brave this moment

And bar the stars and moon from resting on her bed

If the rain could fall freely without holding an aorta of grudge

And the wind blows cool to every tree and cities

If all eyes could close the day for some rest

And the oceans could stop hitting the sands and stones

We’ll make heat, we’ll make love

We’ll makes babies born in the beauty of summer

Kiss me my king with the sweetest part of your lips

Let our tongues twist and tweak, mingle at every angle

Fondle my breast and find me a path between your thighs

Touch my body, like your every breath depends on me.


We will make love we will make Babies

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