Walnut Curls 2

I'd love to give you my whole life

To make you glow, make you my wife

I'd love to buy you diamond rings

Soft silk and satin. a clock that sings

Lalique and pearls and walnut curls

A painted sea that ebbs and swirls


I'd love to have just half a chance

To watch you laugh, click heels and dance

If I could take you by the hand

We'd run barefoot on sloping sands

Where once you swam as time began

Stole birthday kisses from this man


I'd love to leap into your arms

To catch your breath, capture your charms

I'd set you free to fly forever

We'd dive and swoop and soar together

We'd own the sky, the heavens high

And every cloud that ever cried


If I could give you yesterday

We'd never find a better way

To live and love and share our dreams

To give so much until it seems

Our hopes and fears, our salty tears

Have flowed as one through all these years

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