Walking Poultrygiest

Entitled never was, kept it awkward that was my crutch, handled obstacles differently most dont understand I like that better, hand out the one two punch. Struck by lightening, insides dieing brains insane its wound up tightly, body armour need it highly, I like my bubble so stay back widely, if you pop it your inside me, I'd back out now this hazards timely, if you stay long I'll lead you blindly, Stay away dont make me strike thee! I look to the sky to see an omen if it comes I'll leave it open check my paths and choose the most fit. Life chimes on I make some dope hits. Keep them to myself I dont need your neusince. Happiness is what you perceive it if that's the case then I'll stay focused. I need hard days to keep me roasted. Feeling beat down only makes me more blessed, toasted, selflessness and love are my main approaches, thoughts eroding brains exploding double down, mindset of the Roman's, battleground fight till the death I'll win each round, don't need me hosting. Talk you off the ledge I have control so stop coasting if you continue this path I'll say bye bye and hope your boat sink. Family ties not hyperlinks are my motivation to continue my dreams. Live each day with a scheme I plan it out subliminal memes. One day I'll show the world what it really means to be an awkward intense walking poultrygeist it seems. I own the ambience that no one hears but me. Bump bump in the night my fantasies preach. Sometimes I look into the water and I see the ocean floor I perceive it has a door and I want to explore. There's more, than what it seems. I adore, most my beliefs. Please Ignore, most what I speak. I'll ensure, you hear me preach Engulfed me in the trenches didnt have any apprehensions, I kill demons by my feet you see I'm here to reprimand them. Saw ghosts at night hullicified, hated bed time stuck in my head like a bread knife never realized I was a human being till I was six I would play with the sticks and sit on Uranus' gas mists. The culture I agree with is old, back when social media didnt exist Narcissistic world it exists I block it blow up that route I'm here to air in paper view, tko, destroy the cloute, here come my fists.

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