Unsettling, that's what it is Eyes are unsettling Walking down the halls and someone sneaks a quick glance Whispering is unsettling What are they possibly discussing; could it perhaps be you? Silence, unsettling Why is no one talking? Are they thinking about you? Better yet, why are they not thinking about you? All aspects of our lives are unsettling, yet it makes you wonder Why do we care so much about what other people think? Is it because we are so scared of getting rejected from society? Or is it because we think we will be lonely forever? There are many things in life we want to achieve but we are not able to What is holding us back? Stupidity? Or the fear of being wrong? Doubt is the most unsettling of all. Are you strong enough to survive this world? Or is it time to say Au Revoir?

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Dreams, desires, id and ego.


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