Unexpected Victory

The weather has always been something of an intrigue to me, how it can go from hot to cold in a matter of days sometimes hours. One of my best memories of the weather in my life was a day I experienced in high school. I was seventeen years old; I had trained very hard all year and was looking forward to run one of my favorite races. It was during my senior year in high school. The day was a Wednesday, it was in the afternoon, the temperature was very cool and I felt very healthy and vivacious. Our coach had put us in groups to run a time trial; it was over a hundred and fifty meters. There were four of us in the race; I was not expected to win. I was the underdog and this made me hungry. On the infield they were playing soccer, the coach told us to get on our marks, I was focused and ready; I had the feeling that I was about to run really fast, I was excited. The coach stood us up, I was getting impatient, I wanted it to be over and done with. I took a deep breath and exhaled, I was the third fastest in my group but I intended to cause an upset. I got up and looked at my coach and my other team mates; I was ready and focused, nobody was going to beat me. He said on your marks, we got down, set and the next thing you know we were off. I was on the outside lane; I was the prey to be chased down and passed. I was never a good starter, we were off and before I knew it Camron had gone pass me. Through the corner of my left eye I saw a ball run onto the track, one of my other team mates had been sidelined and he was out of the race. Camron was speeding in front of me but I intended to catch him. I was picking up speed. I looked up into the stands and I made eye contact with one of the girls; it felt like I had known her all my life, I did not want to lose in front of her. I started to pump my arms harder, I was picking up speed. I was edging back to Camron, my other team mates were watching and the football team was on the field practicing. Nobody was going to beat me. I was reaching new speeds that I had never run before, it felt amazing, I wondered if this is what heaven felt like. I was running faster, I was getting closer to Camron, I could feel everyone watching, I was caught up to him and I was moving at speeds I never ran before this was the most exhilarating feeling I had ever experienced in my life. I saw Xavier McAllister on the sidelines, he had the schools high jump record, I went past Camron. I was a meter in front of him. We crossed the finish line and I pointed to the crowd; I had done it, I had won when no one expected me to. I was decelerating, I looked back; in the distance I could see my coach and everyone else looking at me, they were in awe; so was I; I wanted to do it again that speed had made me feel invincible. The weather had been on my side, the cool breeze pushing me from the back, my arms waving and cutting the air it could not be replicated, if only I could relive the experience. 

Unexpected Victory

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