Typical Questions

Typical questions seem to get me recollecting when temptations where the product of a young one still in nesting. I'm digesting every moment hoping one day i am trending in a better situation like a dead body resurrecting. Testing all my habits pick and choose what's worth investing, all my time and motivation so my mind can stop reflecting, on the past and open pages like a phoenix manifesting, from a flame that started small then lit fire through its blessing. this controversial situation that the world keeps protesting, all I want to do is prove to myself that my life is not infecting, who's around me and what they see you see what I say can be a dream or an altered reality I only see when I start to scream in my head or verbally this life may be all it seems or there's really way more to it at least that is what I believe.

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Dreams, desires, id and ego.


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