Two hearts

TWO HEARTS One heart desires are endless, I need heaven I need money I need love I need hate I need life I fear death I need immortality, I need two heart, I need two life, I need power I need coronation, I need to be king I need to be a Queen I need to be mother I need to be a son I need to be a daughter, I need to be a grand father, to be a grand mother I need to be an ancestor, to be the beginning and the end., Why I have one heart what if they were two? The blood are everywhere, I reaped their hearths out, Their hearts will fit in my chest?, what have I done? I am selfish, egoist, greedy, now they lost their hearths! A man desires are different to women’s women wish if she was a man Man wishes to have all women of the world One heart can’t keep all my thought any more one way or another my feeling will break out When they get out they will expose me, I need two heart I have a lot of friend to keep my thoughts, I know it is a burden after all they have one heart too What heart is for if it hurt me, why my heart is my weakness I know it is weakness but I can’t hide my love not with one heart, I wish I had two! There is a man he is said to have two hearts, two heart two lives, two lonely lives in a lonely man in a lonely house on a lonely mountain in a lonely kingdom in a lonely forest made of one lonely tree of life. What else does he need he has two heart? This man desire are infinitely huge, his chest is constantly in pain, his mind is always uneasy his heart beats are like drum, the blood move into his vane are like water in river they sound like a boiling gold, what two heart are for if they made your desires far unreachable? Two heart can’t exist in one chest, one hearts desire are so much, two heart desire can’t exist You have one heart but you desire for two, you have two hearts but you desire for three, you have infinity hearts, but you desire for infinity hearts one heart is enough One heart’s desire is love, two heart’s desire is deaf One heart desire a wife, two hearts desire earth One heart desire is insane, two hearts desires are unrelated My eyes shade tears every time my heart beat My eyes shades blood every time my two hearts beats The dead can’t know, two hearts can’t stop death The dead can’t know, two heart can raise the dead. What if the dead were to return? What if your mother where to return with them? What if is you who hold the key,? What if your heart is the key? Would you give your heart for them? Would you loose your desires? What is life without desires? What is life without pain? What is life without hate? What is life without love? What is life without death? What is life without life?
Two hearts

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