True love never parts

He found a love that was lost.

He'd do anything no matter the cost.

Just to once again look into those star sent eyes.

Ones that would never tell one single lie.

He has found what people call soulmates.

On july 27th 2013 he found nothing more then fate.

The love we share is endless in everyway.

I am glad u made the choice to forever stay.

Ill keep ur love right in my deepest dephts of my heart and soul.

With u Baby Baby I now am whole. 

I'll never forgot u or what we have been though.

And know ill always put u first in all I do.

Thank you for shown in this endless love and whats it like to be true.

I know with you by myside in this life I'll never be lonely or blue.

So take these words from my heart.

And see true love never parts.

True love never parts

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