Troglodyte Trump

Sic semper tyrannis ad mortem

("Thus always I bring death to tyrants").

Trump’s tyrannical unsubstantiated usurpation

unleashes ugly Uber vagaries, venomous vitiating,

viva voce vulgarity, wakening warring wicked woe

begone wretched Xerses, yawping yelping yipping zeal.

The Doomsday Clock lurched thirty seconds closer to midnight

As the conclave sans Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board

(advised by the Governing Board and Board of Sponsors – including

Eighteen Nobel Laureates).

Alarm bells clang; declaring emergency fiasco grips hearts; indoctrination

jacked knifed kraal; linking mankind’s nemesis; opportunistic Pandora; queuing

rockets red glare; spewing torpedoing urchins;

Versailles visiting violation vis a vis weathered

wracked…xing yanked ArmageddonIf twittering Trump’s

troubling trends trawls toxic, then tinder testy testosterone

terribly tells tattletale taking atrocious, burglarious, calumnious,

disharmonious, egregious, ferocious, gregarious, hellacious,

ignominious, injudicious, ludicrous, malodorous, noxious, obnoxious,

pernicious, querulous, rapacious, salubrious, tenebrious, unctuous,

vicious, wamefous, xylophagous yields zany zealous zippered zombies.


Prognosticators warn with more urgency the deleterious, dicey donnybrook dumbstruck

fatally feverish, fiery, foolishly frenetic, horribly humungous, jaggedly jittery, jumbuck

Kaiser kamikaze Kant, kerosene kindling kleptocracy, kneading lawlessness, learns beginners luck

lessons leaving lousy luck, nurturing nattering nabobs, peevishness provoking, puck,

Quaking quickening quotidian rabble rioting rousers, rogues ruthless seismic spasms stuck

strike terror, tinder tomahawks torching treasures, tidily trickily, troika trove truck.


Cobalt blue eyes per president; pierce panorama;

   pessimistic perception processed

decisions made heavily impinging lives sans people across America,

   laser focus personal quest

quickly embarked, whence twitter feeds a riot

   with tweets hinting of political unrest

sprung from provocation fostering folks far and wide

   to speculate motives donned vest

Commander in chief wields iron fist foisting

   wharf air tumultuousness harboring ship of state

   foisting risky business viz electric cool aid acid test

sites set with “full speed ahead”, and “damn the torpedoes” fueling

   anarchy, chaos and enormous repercussions within sea of humanity wrest

sling with barrage of on behalf of self anointed

   supreme ruler re: Stars and Stripes

   indulging angry rants that foment civil chaos,

   where trumpeting hooligans dressed

as hooded lambs curry pandemonium

   proudly straining breeches qua exploits best

exemplified thru prophesies predicting schisms

   starting as faults hair brained baddest

dread locked bunched braids presaging

   deadly mortal Kombat inciting global Jihad lest

the reins of totalitarianism clutched tight

   by septuagenarian who covets ability

   to wield mutant ninja turtle warrior clout

   more precious &priceless than goodies in treasure chest

constituting booty full spoils snatched from breast

works analogous to twin peaks that never rest.





Troglodyte Trump

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