Toys in need

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  • Created: September 16, 2016
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You brought me many gifts Each time you passed me by A teddy with one ear A doll with a missing eye To others it was tat Toys no longer required Probably Cos they were old and that And new ones acquired But to me they were precious I did not care they were old Each toy had a story That never could be told They cannot tell you what happened Because they cannot speak But I would give them comfort As it was what these toys did seek Someone who would love them For what they were inside To see past that tattered state And hold them up with pride So I would treat them kindly Brush my dollies hair Tell them I would tend them Treat them with loving care I would tell them that I understood How unhappy they had been But there are some nice people Not everyone is mean I would tell them that the dustbin men Had given me a special deed That is why they gave me These special toys in need I would tell them that the dustbin men Were very kind to me They were the ones that saw What others did not see Just like I could see How special these toys were And see beyond the surface Of teddies matted fur
Toys in need

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