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The relationship is toxic, an addiction. You may know it is bad for you, like cigarettes, or wine. But you craze the feeling you get. The touch, the smell, the taste. Inhaling and taking over all of your senses. That feeling takes over your mind, even though your mind knows it is bad. You wonder if you are ever going to have the strength to pull away. Wonder if you are going to be okay with the security of that feeling. And then, one day, it is gone. You no longer get high from his touch. You no longer feel happy with his presense. You are snapped out of the spell he had you in. And maybe it is the same for him. Maybe he was wondering if you felt the same. Maybe the guilt of falling out of love was too much so he stayed. Saying goodbye maybe the hardest thing to do, but at the end, the toxins are out of your body. You are healthy, and you will be happy.

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