Intellectually deprived; affectionately deprived; socioeconomically marginalized. Harbingers to creating thugs.

We live in a system where statistics is used to represent information, but statistics does not determine causation.

They tell you black people are prone to being violent which they use statistics to prove; when statistics from violence is intellectually removed.

We don’t fall victims to statistics; we fall victims to man made mechanisms put in place to keep us down.

Remove the statistics; numbers representing information after the fact.

Fact is; violence; criminality: is the resounding effect of generations held back.

Minimum wage slaves couldn’t make enough so they were forced to sell crack.

In this system Telling the truth becomes frustrating; the condition of my race is heartbreaking.

Sometimes i wonder; do they know the truth and just decide to tell lies or do they really not know?

Am i really this smart?

Is rap really an art? or symptoms of the times?

The times; the sum of social  justice inequality coupled with the ever failing education system.

But is it failing or fulfilling the intended task?

i’m  just thinking out loud;  i want to change the world now i’m  thinking about how.

Wanting to unveil the truth but still can’t figure out how.

Once kings before the Mayflower but here we are now.

But back to the point. Does being black make you violent?  Well…… maybe

But why is black violent? Years and years of systemic oppression  implemented against black; left black with no choice black had to fight back!



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