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  • Created: March 29, 2020
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Our breath and spirit flow from within, Our inner world expands into the universe, We search for meaning in the great expanse, And only occasionally do we find it. Once or twice in an age, We find meaning in another, Who fills us with their inner light, And our souls realize their counterpoint. That day, our world fundamentally shifts, We transform and are changed forever, For their warmth, passion, and beauty, Beset our mind with desire and wonder. We attempt through our words and deeds to voice, Yet none will ever suffice, For their impact on us is so profound, That nothing can adequately express. We signal to them as best as we can, To show them just what they mean to us, But our feeble human attempts fall short, As the earth falls short of the sun’s glory. Their light fills our world, And pierces through the darkness and cold, Leaving all those they touch, Grateful, simply for their essence. Such astronomical odds, To share their era and path, To know them, even for a brief moment, Across the vastness, astounds and amazes. We celebrate their light and life, Knowing full well how fleeting, Yet thankful to have had an instant, Of their delicate, beautiful world. They toil and love, And live their lives, Scarcely aware of their impact on us, As they fulfill their destiny, and illuminate our path. So, thank you for your life MK, For your light and inner being, For your beauty and your energy, How they radiate and penetrate my soul. So, now, forever, and always, Will I love you, and everything that you are, Until I leave this world, And hope for us in the next.

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