Thoughts Of The Unborn

  • Posted by: Max Lewy
  • Created: January 14, 2020
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So, finally, I am. I am! The universe is alive. It's my mum. The world is a throbbing hive, And I am the Queen bee. It is made to comfort me. A multiform, rippling tapestry of veins and nerves, Support and nourish each of my incipient verves. It has been like this since the first moment I can remember, I suck from a cord in my tummy, And am granted sustenance so warm and yummy! There is little need to cheat or dissemble. No need to pretend I'm not hurt, by the lies that you assert, And the chemicals that you insert. I know you love me. Still, with each new passing day, My hunger grows without delay. I have already learned to wage war For the sake of having more, more, more. I summon my strength and send out signals of distress Letting life know It must make expiations for getting me in this sticky mess. I sit snugly in this little patch, And snatch and snatch and snatch. Still, it usually yields to the pinings my will wields. Somehow... I have this dream of wide-open fields, Starry skies, hopes that penetrate beyond all whys. But even now, I can already smell my necessary demise. Just as I now joyously grow, soon, I can sense it, I will be over-run by woe. My existence is a piece of Brute injustice, of which I am both victim and perpetrator, righted only by the decomposition of Passing years. So let it not shock you, if I mark my new arrival with... Much blood, and many tears!

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