The Woods of Change

Once I knew the path Into the Woods of Change What was once bright and sunny, Has become cold and strange Once I knew who I was: Hard-working, happy, secure No clearer an image of myself, But now I am not sure Once I wasn’t alone I had friends and a lover too, But one by one I watch them go Fading out of view Into the Woods of Change The deeper I go, the darker it gets Into the Woods of Change All the things I've seen, wish I could forget There is darkness and sorrows Heartbreak and tears, Never seems to be a tomorrow Days feel like years Death of those so young Screams and cries, Sadness spoken in this sacred tongue Watching as people die Towering trees Suffocate the light, Even warm hearts freeze In the sharp chill of night Into the Woods of Change Seems to have no end Filled with horrid, cruel things Days and night slowly blend Sinking in expectations I once set for myself I now have creeping temptations To put my dreams on the shelf Day and night my body aches With each cry, my heart breaks I've become too weak and see no end When I feel I've reached the peak, I see it was only a bend In this road of destruction and pain This broken road that slowly drains All the joy that I once held But with my smile, none can tell In the Woods of Change, I will forever stay Because the hope that was once near, Has forever gone away

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