The Wise Owl

Loving these positive moments no longer quick to turn back to lonesome, these were problems fighting me but with my family we've created, I finally have a reason to belong and feel wholesome, my children's happiness at stake, I want to ensure I don't ignore em, trying whatever it takes, I want to make sure I don't blow em, away from this place, they need peace at their home, peace in their own personal mind, boys just make sure your your own, person, identity, no jealousy prideful respectful when full grown, learn to love from the heart, the choices are yours so control em, these are your smarts. Learn from each time you don't show em. I'm here to teach you what I know and guide you through your dreams and explore em, you see to each is their own, be who you want to be, do what pleases your soul, be confident in what you believe, stay strong indulge in your zone. I love to watch you succeed, I'll do what you need from me to keep moving along, love you boys, I promise your never alone.

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