The Winters remembrance

The icy remembrance Unknown to a world full of hate, standing alone, with nothing to hide. Always trying to unlock the gate, to change the world, what a fool, what a fool was I always shifting changing mixing yet to no avail no hope appeared. Only the veil of lies I fed myself has changed the world solemnly seen. the world to which I’ve pulled the strings where I’ve lived loved and died. From the deep the ethereal hand slowly pulling me away from the life I once knew taking me deeper and deeper into the ground The rock changed into pumice the dirt ash and the souls of the many cry out in pain even then I knew what I deserved with thine sky no longer visible to the naked eye only the darkness that envelopes light remains forever left in the dead of night. shambling I make my way to the only light left the mines in which the sun seamlessly radiated out as the blinding light enveloping me I could see once more the world that I once knew for when a cold spread to the corners of my body I awaken from my deep slumbering tomb scanning the horizon alas I was home But it was not the same song that rang through the streets watching them gleefully playing the song I had wrote limping towards them mesmerized by the sound as if the souls were radiating like the heavens above full of gratitude and hope once again my heart filled with a warmth my blood rushing like the rapids when I was alive but from what I had wrote I knew I had forfeited my life knowing this town was now happy but at least I know they will always be happy slowly ascending into the heavens which we now call home. As the blinding light subsided across the plains of the desert as the chills returned to me wisps of light from moons and stars dancing twirling shining like never before ingrained into the painting of the sky warmth slowly radiating from the heavens like a lighthouse foremost beacon to the souls wandering and stray possessing the hope of all that once had paid their lives in their own ways as a weary voice says “end of the day.”.
The Winters remembrance

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