THE WILL TO WIN!            The will to win will ebb and flow throughout our lifetime.                 Where the will to win settles is determined by the purity of the heart and mind.                   The will to win can be compelling, stout, and awesome as a redwood tree.               The will to win can be insignificant and unimpressive.  The size of the will to win               is individually controlled by you and me.               The will to win can move with grace, dignity, and magnificent fortitude.             The will to win can be noticeably clumsy and overbearingly rude.          The true, respectful, and heartfelt will to win may bend, but always refuses to break.          The will to win may crumble from the least bit of negativity, losing all progress it has made.       So, let each of us make a vow that will be etched in stone for the duration of time.   Our will to win must never falter or descend.  Our will to win must always radiate, by being nothing short of sublime.      Al Johnson

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