The way to the new life

What is now wrong with you?

What is your heart suffering from?

You recall the growing dim pictures of your past.

Can you catch a glimpse of gleam

of your forgotten dream?

Have you ever had such happy days,

when your dream came true;

when the dark clouds, blown away,

gave way for the warm sunbeams,

and the sky became blue?

You follow with your eyes

the escaping pictures of your plain past

and understand -

your heart cries out without a dream.

Your life is so one-colour as the grey clouds

your lacklustre eyes are fixed upon,

as you are drifting with the stream.

You ought to live only in that way

as you dream.

A new deep feeling is rising

from the bottom of your soul -

it is a dream!

Kindle the flame of your dream

and your wings will arise!

And you, like a bird,

will rise to the clouds.

And the sun will stream

through the clouds

lightening your way to the new life -

a life with a dream!

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