The waters’ edge

As I sit here at the waters' edge, I see one lone goose gliding  over the water.  The sun is bright  as it begins to set. The weather is beautiful, the wind blowing, no leaves on the trees yet. The goose is swimming upstream getting farther and farther away. Longing for the days that are carefree when I can just fish and enjoy the world God made, regretting the choices I made in my life, I'm tired, my head is filled with so much stuff I can't release. I hear the goose calling for what could be his mate, I don't know, it looks so alone just how I feel.  I see a bird, maybe an eagle, flying above the trees, what a beautiful sight, I think how free they must feel while I am trapped in this body I want to be free of, to fly like the eagle. As each moment passes, nothing stays the same, I hear the cars on the road above me.  I wish I could tune them out and just enjoy this time I have with God.

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