The Times They Are A Changing

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  • Created: November 9, 2016
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The Twenty First Century will be like no other.

For millennia the human race experienced glacial progress forward.

Generation after generation pretty much the same.

Then slowly at first things began to change.

The Bronze Age, the Iron Age, jump to the Industrial Revolution and now the Technological Revolution. The pace of progress has been speeding up, soon it will be moving at light speed. A compression point will then be reach when 

this light speed of change causes a paradigm shift for humanity. Our differences will melt away as not relevant in the new reality. Power brokers will loose control of the buttons and levers they use to control. Humanity writ large will be calling the shots. Institutions of "influence" will be swept away. Greedy power merchants swept away,

never to be seen again. Poverty and illness, swept away. The roller coaster ride is upon us. 

Buckle up, it's going to be one hell off a ride.

The Times They Are A Changing

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