The solider

Daddy no please don't go why must you go fight in Iraq. Daddy please write me every day. Daddy I will pray for you. Daddy I love you. Daddy call. Mommy loves you daddy please be safe. Daddy Skype me ok. Ok baby now give me five give me kiss give me hug I love u. Ok daddy. Come here my love I love you. Just be safe ok baby please we will pray for you every night ok.  Mommy has daddy Skype us today did he write. Sit down baby first we need to have a talk ok. Yes mommy please tell me daddy is coming home. You know your father loved you and me so much he would fight for his country so we can be safe. Yes mommy I know I’m just ready to talk to daddy on Skype he was making me laugh last night he is my hero. I know baby he is my hero also and a hero to so many but baby I’m sorry baby he was ambush by a suicide bomber. Mommy why why mommy why my daddy I know baby I know baby. (TEARS)

Let’s not forget the men and the women that fight for are freedom everyday that’s somebody’s mother, father, son, daughter that is somebody’s family member.

The solider

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