The Real Thing

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So we keep going

Day to day

Pay to pay

As if we be knowing

That we have an outcome

To be proud of

And not just the one

That we

Eventually see

For ourselves

So here we are putting our

Dreams up on the shelf 

And our dreams started to fade

When we started to get paid

And we realised


All of the hours

That we trade

Don't provide enough coin

For the things we enjoy

So we compromise

And let things slide

Even if it breaks us

On the inside

And as we strive

To survive

In this life

We realise

That the lies

Always seem to arrive

On both sides

Of the argument

And the need yet lack of

Common sense

From our government

The one's who are meant

To protect

Our necks

Instead of laughing

At the starving

While they collect

Their pay cheques 

You see

From them

It's a simple request

Let your mind rest

And acquiesce

Eat sleep

work everyday

For minimum wage

Get your council tax paid

Until you finally meet your grave 

And you let your dreams fade away

As you let the media guide your way

And lap up everything they say

But it's ok

Just obey

And don't stray

From the path that for you

They did lay

A path to a

Low self-opinion

A path to a

Lack of ambition

Due to bullshit advertising

Buy up every product they're selling

Because it'll definitely make you

Far more enticing

But we don't need your things

No matter the happiness

And content feelings

You claim that they bring

And if I hear one more mass marketing company Telling me how to be happy I'm likely to fucking snap And go William Foster crazy


All I need is my friends

And all I need is my family

I need Batman comics

And a nice cup of tea

And I need the company

Of that girl who's special to me

So we can just sit

And watch Rick and Morty

And listen to Doomtree

And we don't do this shit

Because of your influence

We do this shit

Because we fucking kill it

And we do this shit

Because it makes us happy

Ain't no corporate slogan gonna influence you or me 


Fuck your advertising

Because we can beat that feeling

It is called a cleaner living

And that shit is the real thing 

Because we won't pump your sugar water onto our system 

And we won't eat your chocolate 

If it's got blood in the ingredients

And we won't wear 

Your sportswear

If your trade

Ain't too fair

And no I could not shit a care

About the shiny things

Won with them

I care more about the children

The men and the women 

Who are being forced to work 

Under these unethical conditions 

And for the mothers who have cried

For all the babies who didn't survive 

To all the farmers who have died

Due to the various pesticides

Or the seeds of suicide 

We apologise 

We just wanted some strawberries out of season 

And bananas with minimal discolouration 

And I know what you're thinking

All this pain and suffering isn't a good enough reason

is it? 


never has been

Never will be


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