The Price of Dreams

Free me and I'd burst!

What prison can keep back my voice?

Not any known or about to come.

For i am so full of joy


that I seek peace

-inner peace,

doing what I cherish.

in a fresh  foreign land where men reason differently.


Why should I come before my Everest,seeking to ever rest  for nothing?

For in the days of my flaming eyes

who among you saw me and cared to stay and stare?

Who?Who cared enough not to fear for me?


Well,now I'm so sad at heart.

Wars of worry cloud my eyes.

Constantly facing fears ,and shocks and pain,undiluted.

Yet,there's no other rock I know of.


Dispossesed of all my passion and strength to stir,

I can only stare and press to that light beam.

Now I'm so obsessed,and upset.

They even say i am MAD!


Adress to the reader:

Please press reset.

Else, You would say I told you to.

For i varnish before same eyes of love I first saw.


Or would you I rather waited till eternity ?

For then I'd be both white and gray.

But,I now wear white,dwell well and  drink tea among the sanctified 

-is it a small matter( to have  believed against the wind)?


Paint me the sky freely in Rainbows,and dwell in the land of Dreams=Reality.

For every Dream nurses jealously its own price.

This is me, so joyful ,saying YES! and shinning, WAOH!

Now, go pay each man his dues for Sanctuary.

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