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Out of the Box


Out of the Box
I was lost in the box called life…In it,

I wanted learning
but my education was deafening
I wanted truth
but my reality faked its root
I wanted to buy the right
but my mind controller got me its left sell
I wanted to be free
but my pursuit turned a tree
I wanted information
but my vision brought me deformation
I wanted wellness
but my state showed illness
I wanted food
but my money was rude
I wanted a wife
but my life mirrored a knife!
I wanted the clarity of pleasure
but my naked eyes saw the dullness of pressure
I wanted to live forever
but my death was to question For Ever
I wanted peace
but my perception reflected unease

I wanted to know about people
but my understanding was a fumble
I wanted to be everyone’s friend
but my experience was the pal’s end
I wanted to be rich
but my efforts didn’t catch a fish!
I wanted direction
but my limitation was the obstruction
I wanted to know the ‘why’ to everything happening
but my answer had to cry to all prevailing
I wanted to invest in good
but my previous return showed “fooled”
I wanted to scream because of pains
but my calmness showed up because of gains

I wanted people to hear my voice
but my quest was a noise
I wanted money
but my struggle was funny!
I wanted to know why the world was divided
but the response was: “Its control is what’s favorited”
I wanted to know what happens after death
but my physical life told me I was on earth
I wanted to tell people my experience
but my words failed me in their presence
I wanted to know if I knew what I know
but my existence replied with a “NO!”
I wanted to find myself through my works
but my inner-self whispered: “If you want to find yourself, then think Out Of the Box!”

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The Poured Out Thoughts

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