The perks to being dead

Today is my birthday Yet I am all alone I have no plans..I get no say Meanwhile most years , I’ve sat on a throne I don’t understand how 2020 went so astray This year is different though, you see Awaiting results, a damn tragedy I just wanted to celebrate me & all my glee But my phone lights up every so often Filled w loving text from my friends Yet I lay in my bed & I dream up a coffin Bc life.. its an uphill battle.. foggy lens I see the light at the end of the tunnel I just have to figure out how to funnel What matters and what does not I’m only 26 so understand I’m still learning Stress is what I know, what I was taught An abundant life of light , what Im yearning Forever, Ive held on, Ive fought & Ive fought But I sit & I google “perks to being dead” Maybe U didn’t see the breaking, the dread Be still body & know that I am changing Curing my mental, complete rearranging.

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