The Perfect Storm

There’s a perfect storm a comin’, You can feel it in the air. The signs are on the TV, In the news, and everywhere. You can hear it in the music, It is seen in words of writ, Everyone is saying, That this world is in a fit. Earthquakes, famine, pestilence, War and strife on every side, Storms are raging, people fighting, There are battles worldwide. The perfect storm is coming, It’s a fight for right and wrong, “I’m the best,” and “I’m the greatest,” Sounds the earthly battle song. “There is no God,” some chatter, “I AM,” some others rant, “Give up your faith, it is no use,” Goes the worldly warrior chant. It’s a fight o’er good and evil, Who will win and who will lose; It’s a war between two spirits, My friend, which side will you choose? Heaven’s mighty angels Now hold back the winds of strife, So that more may gain salvation, Found through Christ, the Bread of Life. The battle’s getting closer, Men’s hearts fail them for fear, The signs are all around us, His return is very near. “Come to Me,” a soft voice beckons, “Take My hand, I’ll lead you home. Through My Word you’ll find salvation, Friend you do not need to roam.” Soon the sky will tear asunder, Soon the trumpet sound shall blast, Soon will God redeem His chosen, We’ll be going home at last. There’s a perfect storm a comin’, You can feel it in the air. When God comes to claim His chosen, My friend, will you be there?

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