The New Leaf of Salvation

The New Leaf of Salvation

The world is ours

Let us not wait for hours and hours

To make the seed of love grow

We need to manure love and let its light glow

To north and south, east and west

White and black must never rest

Till this love grows to fruition and maturity


Sun that shines at West is silver

The same is its colour in the east ever

The moon that glares at the north is golden

The same is its colour in the south gladden

So let us bear in mind that the world is ours

We shall not wait for horse to be horny as cows

Before we know that we must grow love


I believe that one day shall come

When all Romans will be Romans in the Rome

Without segregation of men and women

Without the barricade of master and servant, only then

Will the mountains of hatred and distrust

 Give up the ghost and return to the dust

And love will grow and glow

To all horizons with its blessings flow



I have a dream that one day the flag of Love

Will be hoisted in the whole world flying like dove

A time shall be, only time shall tell

When lions and lambs shall co-dwell

Without permission or confusion

The world is ours, as we open the new leaf of salvation

We pray for that day, it shall be like the fall of Jericho’s wall

We may be Moses but our children will be Joshua’s as they’re tall

This is a prophetic poem baring the New leaf of Salvation to the world. As I dream of this New World of Ours I am hopeful but to communicate it is fearful; because I know that many will call me a Day Dreamer. But then as a fearless poet eager to canvass for the positive revolution of humanity and bloodlessly fighting for unity of the humanity; I decide to reveal the above prophetic poem. 


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