The Neighbour’s Wife

The Neighbour's Wife

Swaying her hips provocatively she walked past me

The sight of her sway tantalizing the taste buds of my loins

Slowing down and increasing the gyration of her waist as she began to walk slowly in front of me

I in turn complementing her advances by increasing my strides

The vibrations of her behind electrocuting my heart with magnetic waves

And my whole being glued to this rare spectacle of moving art

My mind entangled in a fierce war "shall i or shall i not perch on this grain head of a ripened sorghum plant, whose grains glitter like gold, well nourished they appear from high up in the sky, the scent, irresistible from miles away" battles my mind

Now assured i am smitten she slows her pace

Looking back to see me walking in a trance she stops, pretending to rest

Her pulse clearly visible as she waits for me to catch up

Her eyes piercing my heart and sending my legs wobbling

Her soft voice melting my heart as she accosts me for the second time in less than eight minutes

Throwing a hysterical laugh at my tortured and seething crotch

My voice deserts me as my mind goes into hypnotic mood

Jokingly offering a hug to hide my dumbness

And she obligingly glides into my arms

Sparks of static energy discharging as her full breasts sink into my chest

"Will i or will i not, perch on this grain head, where a fellow partridge like me perches and makes a nest of it day and night" raced my thoughts as my hands navigated her curvy sitting pillows

Her softness discharging fireworks in my loins and intoxicating my body with hormonal flow

The freshness of her breath caressing my invisible mane giving me a false impression i was the alpha male of the society

Now dizzy and drunk from the sweetness of her body odour i tried to cling on to her as she softly tried to move away

And she, realizing i was now under the influence of a banned lust she quickly turns away shoving me off naughtily with her fully figured behind

And hearing approaching voices she blows a kiss in the air towards me and quickly sets on her way

I try to jump and grab her from behind but the next thing i see i have fallen off my bed

That was one sweet dream to savour, i retort as i drag myself back into bed

The Neighbour’s Wife

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