The Monsters

She is depressed but no one sees She locked these monsters away But she threw away the key The monsters will soon consume her She realizes in fear If only the monsters would all disappear Talk to someone they say But that would never work That means opening up She's scared of getting hurt She's scared of the label “The depressed kid” She's also scared that she'll never win The monsters they haunt her day and night In her mind It seems she's always in a fight She thinks no one will ever know She's bubbly and cheerful on the outside But inside all she feels is woe She pushes these monsters deep within Hoping only she can get in Everyone thinks she perfect She has a perfect life No one assumes something might not be right The hospital bed is where she layed Hoping and praying she could see another day She tried to kill the monsters but instead killed herself The monsters consumed her without the slightest of doubt She never did get the chance to ask for help

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  1. I actually liked the way you talk about depression. ıt is really like a monster which should never be underestimated or ignored. Great work.

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