The Minds of Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

The Minds of Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

Why Mr. Why must you take me from my family?

Why mist you kidnap me from my school?

Why must you want to sell me in the market as a slave?

Why must you use Allah's name in an evil way?

Why Mr. must you think and try sexual acts?

Why must you not let me pray?

Why must you not let me eat?

Why must you want to do such evil deeds and things?

Mr. what if I was your daughter? How would you feel?

What would yousay? Would you cry? Would you pray? What would Allah say? What would Isa say Mr.?

Mr., let us free. We done no wrong. Please Mr., we miss our family so much.

There will be a day of judgment and Allah will have a punishment waiting for you.

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