The light

Human race came up with the conclusion that is to say being promiscuous is the end result of the human rights revolutionary era. that we after fighting for many years to gurantee human equality we ourselves became no better than animals endulging in fornication. The simple yet secret union of any two couples fallen in love is governed by fate and doomed for the sake of animalish desires. We no longer have respect for the segnificant other, but rather strive for harming one another and with increased apatite for more and less rubbing our bodies in a cold senseless scenes of porn, as bisons do. with the lifeless blond and brunette sex dolls.. how steep could our detrioration since the ages of Moses get to be?

Now tell me about your wildest dreams, don't hold back, dive, strive for your life.

Let me find how sweet you could be. Oh love, stop the seek and hide!

Let the light within to shine. 

It 'd leave the whispering judges as good as blind.

Show me your true colors with no disguise.

I raise my right, I will hold on to you with every force left inside. 

Let our worlds collide, our souls to unite.

As life in essence is more than a lustful night.

My dearest, along with your flaws, you are a glance over a heavenly sight.

A glimpse of you is the meaning of devine.

You my love, are a star shining with delight.

My shield in a cold night.

You and i shall win the fight, the battle and even the war. You and I shall stand with bride. 

The light

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