The law

The law is my shepherd The law is with me The law is my saviour The law is just me Judge me ! Judge me ! I beg you please judge me forever judge me ! Don't tease ! I am the law and the law is me I'll take my stand truthful you'll see. This is me and I am what I am truthful,honest right out of the pan ! I thrive on good fortune the lord that I trust I thrive for the truth the truth is a must Don't doubt me when I say "just you wait n see" I will be there with god to hear your guilty plea ! I've been raised in a good home put others before me It's what I've been taught but it's naturally in me then all of a sudden I face devils door It's come to test me n teach me some more ! I cannot believe the malicious lies , it's foul it's nasty it's got nowhere to hide ! Until the day comes when you take the stand ,the orchestra sings the orchestra bangs ! Guilty guilty the judge will say Thank you my lord for judgement day I know that the truth will be seen in the light it's shining on me it's shining so bright ! Goodbye dark shadow and let me be I deserve to be happy I deserve to be free ! But you will be locked up for what you have done Justice is served Justice is done !!! Author D SINCLAIR

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