The Journey of a mother

I wrote on this poem to appreciate my mother's love for me

The journey of a mother:

The journey of

a mother

is a journey of

a thousand miles,

which begins with the first move.


A move into an excrutiating pain,

on the path of life and death;

yet, such is the fate of

a mother.


The journey of

a mother

begins at the crossroad of

mating body and soul;

where the seed of

life is planted deeply

in a mother's soil.


Like a farmer,

a mother,

nurtures the seed daily,



The journey of

a mother

is an epitome of true love.

A love shown to

an unknown life

is so sincere and priceless.


Like Christ,

a mother forgets and forsakes

her price,

so you can have a price.


The journey of

a mother

led to the crossroad of

life and death.

Yet, the love

in her heart led,

and death won over death.


The journey of

a mother

is the foundation of

your life and price.


The price

you can pay her

is a life of

true love.

And so, with true heart and hand,

reach out to her,

and your life

will be so long on earth.


The Journey of a mother

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