The Hunter and the Fairy Princess


The Hunter and the Fairy Princess

One sunny day a hunter met a beautiful fairy princess in the woods. Smitten as he was, he managed to hymn the following song

                Will i or will i not, Marry this woman
                Of little i know and her people none knows
                Her values, as mysterious as midday summer dew
                Her trace, as faint as the shadow of the clouds

                Her destiny unknown even by the subtle of spirits

                Beautiful yes she is. Her lips more beautiful than rose petals
                Her smile brighter than the sun.                Her sway an ornament of grace

                But Will i or will i not. My thoughts wander in wonder

The princess, noting his protruding muscles, his broad shoulders and well manicured beard, sang the following song

                No ocean as deep as the heart full of love
                confusion therein outnumbers by far the species of the seas
                but as blind as a river love may be
                it never fails to find its way
                Neither does it fail to reach its destination
                who can tell the taste of a foreign broth at sight
                until it passes through their tongue
                Neither can one tell the colour of a partridge high up in the skys
                until it lands on nearby branches
                But won't the bravest and boldest of hunters wait for it to land
                Only time will untangle this knot which promises rubbies as contents


Drawing nearer to the princess the hunter sang

                Of what value are the treasures lying in this cache, itself a treasure on its own

                Will the poorest of hunters afford it

                When all he has are hydes and heads, in the name of trophies

                Whose arrow already quivers at the discovery of a rare specie

                Will his strike land his greatest trophy of them all

                His thatched doom house unbefitting to store such preciousness

                His clay pots unfit to kiss the lips of graciousness

                And his name unknown even to the commoner

The princess, realizing his fears and hesitation moved even closer to him and held him by the hand


                Of what value was the beauty you see bought of

                And how much of gold and silver was this graciousness bought for

                Who cares about quivers when even the mightiest of rivers meander and quiver when in            overflow

                Does the hunter worry about the venom of his strike on a prey trapped on his snare

                Even food, the fuel of life have they stored in thatched granaries

                Was it not from dust the princess' lips came from

                And which great name was written on sand and not washed away when rains came


Holding their arms together they disappeared into the woods singing

                Ooh hail thee fairy queen of love

                "Blessed is first sight love" read your book

                The mystery of love consuming us all

                The bravest and fairest, the mystery consumes all

                The young and the old, strong and frail

                The wave of love sweeps us all of our feet




The Hunter and the Fairy Princess

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