The Hole

Hanging from a string, maybe a tendon hanging out of me, Cut through it, let it bleed, let all this pain flush away out of me, A hole appears through the floor, spreads wide and takes every pound of me, There’s no end to this fall unless, I find the ground that’s inside of me, Fast I fall with no boundaries, no walls, nothing, but nothing at all.. in this space, Is this a repressed memory, an alternate reality? I feel at home, I feel conscious.. in this space, I found bottom, THUD! when I look up there is no exit, it’s cold, dark...ravigly dark, I..I feel..erased. Weak..disoriated...please tell me this is the bottom..but wait; where is the top? I must be hallucinating..I see a canyon sunrise, Don’t lie to me..I don’t need a false suprise, Could it be, the canyons growing in my own eyes, I need this..the dagger blade is shrinking from inside my minds vice, I pick myself off the wet, jagged ground, grit my teeth, dripping blood and sweat, I need this..beyond the distained plain this is my prize, Unload my regrets, feeling lighter now, Unload my self hate, feeling stronger now, I see an exit through the sky, it’s bright, it’s really here I can fight it now. I see...Your eyes... As the incline proceeds and the floor’s displaced rock’s sight depletes, I see you, The hole will never close, we learn as we go, for I will not open another one thanks to you, Unconscious caution tape has arrived, despair and lunacy have been wrapped, all you, I’m alive, I’m not in a hole, You.

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